X1 (Hahn Air Technologies)

Germany - founded: 2019

Hahn Air Technologies is a global consolidation service connecting airlines of any business model to all major Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) worldwide. Like its sister company Hahn Air Systems, Hahn Air Technologies offers distribution services under the H1-Air product umbrella.

As a result, airlines that used to have limited or no GDS connections of their own are now available either under the Hahn Air Technologies reservation code X1 or under the Hahn Air Systems reservation code H1. Their services can be by booked by over 100,000 travel agencies in 190 markets.  

Services of all Hahn Air Technologies’ partners can be issued on Hahn Air’s insolvency-safe HR-169 ticket. Among the services offered to airlines are GDS interfaces for scheduling, fare filing and inventory management.  

Hahn Air Technologies is a sister company of Hahn Air Systems. Both are sister companies and clients of Hahn Air. 

All flights marketed via X1 are available in Amadeus and can be issued on the HR-169 ticket. More about H1-Air.

Code Phone/Fax Email Web
X1 +49 6103 7331 200 service@hahnair.com www.hahnair.com

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H1 and X1 Travel Details

Check your H1-Air Travel Details by entering the surname of one of the passengers and the record locator (either GDS, H1, X1 or airline) or ticket number. If you are a travel agent, please make sure to forward this information to the passenger. Please note that you can only access bookings that have been made under the H1 or X1 code.

For some H1-Air partner airlines you can commence the online check-in process here. Please note that the online check-in opening times may vary depending on the respective carrier.

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Baggage Rules

Further information regarding baggage rules can be found in the profile of each X1 client or by choosing the carrier in the dropdown below.