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Hahn Air Lines

About Us

We are a unique airline operating premium scheduled flights between Dusseldorf and Luxembourg using our fleet of modern business jets. In addition, under the umbrella of our Connoisseur Service, we offer executive charter flights featuring an array of exclusive services. We focus on quality and personal attention to customers, preparing each flight to the individual wishes of the passenger. On both our scheduled service and executive charter we ensure that our customers not only arrive at their desired destinations on time, safely and comfortably but also so that they can experience a memorable and enjoyable journey with Hahn Air Lines.

Visit Hahn Air Lines dedicated website for detailed information about route schedules, the all-Cessna business jet fleet and the Hahn Air Lines team on the ground and in the air. In addition, find out about the business charter offerings and the unique Connoisseur Concept which unites highest quality and safety with personalised service and great attention to detail.