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ADM & Refunds

Where do I find answers to my questions about ADMs?
If you have any question regarding ADMs, please click here.
Can the HR-169 ticket be voided within 24 hours?
Unless otherwise specified by the fare rules, it is only possible to void the HR-169 ticket on the same day of issuance (not 24 hours). For ARC agents different timelines accordi...
How do I apply for a refund?
Click here to obtain detailed information on how to process a refund for HR-169 tickets. A copy of the complete PNR history is always required to process the refund request.
What should be considered regarding involuntary refunds?
To qualify for an involuntary refund, all flight segments of the ticket must be canceled, including all alternative segments, before departure. Otherwise, the refund will only be proce...
How do I refund a ticket if the coupon (CPN) status in “U“ (unavailable)?
BSP Users: If you need to refund a HR-169 ticket, apply for a refund via BSP Link, even if the CPN status is “U”. There is no need to contact Hahn Air to have the CPN status chan...
Why should the PNR History be attached to the Refund Application?
Hahn Air acts as a validating carrier, so we are mostly denied access to the PNRs. To process your refund request correctly, the complete PNR history must be mandatorily provided by th...
Can Hahn Air authorise a refund if the operating carrier makes a schedule change and no alternative flights are offered, or if the alternatives are not acceptable for the customer?
In general, a refund will be authorised for changes to the schedule of more than three hours. This time frame may vary and depends on the operating carrier. In case more informati...
Can a free-of-charge refund be approved for double issued tickets?
If two tickets were issued by mistake in the same PNR with identical fare, routing and flight dates for the same passenger name, submit a refund application and attach all necessary ...