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FAQs for Travel Agents

What can be done of an HR-169 ticket was issued with a misspelled/ incorrect passenger name?

The travel agent needs to create a new PNR with the correct name and reissue the ticket. Important note: only same itinerary, same airline, same date, same fare or higher (= not a lower fare basis) is accepted

The travel agent needs to cancel the original booking in their GDS!

If the operating carrier requires a fee for the name correction, this fee must be collected when the ticket is reissued. The penalty amount can be found either in the fare rules or on the website of the operating carrier.

It is not possible to perform a name change to a completely new passenger. In this case, a refund of the incorrectly issued ticket must be processed according to the fare rules. Exception: The airline explicitly states in their fare note that a name change is permitted (usually against a charge).

Some airlines do not allow any name corrections or name changes. In this case, the travel agent needs to send an email to for further information.