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FAQs for Travel Agents

The operating carrier rescheduled a flight issued on HR-169 or changed the departure times of the booked flights. What can be done?

In case of involuntary changes (operating carrier reschedules the flight), the travel agent needs to reissue the HR-169 ticket. This is free of charge. The following text needs to be added in the endorsement box: “INVOL REISSUE DUE TO SC XX/YYY DD/MMM (flight number and date). The travel agent also needs to set an I-indicator in front of the fare calculation (I-XXX YY ZZZ40.00NUC40.00END).

All ticket details of the new ticket must match the ones from the original ticket. The new flight needs to be offered with the same operating carrier in the same booking class.

If the travel agent receives a UN/UC without alternative, they need to rebook to the next available flight (before or after the cancelled one) with the same carrier, same booking class and same routing.

If the alternative offered to the travel agent is unacceptable for the passenger, the travel agent needs to send an email to It is mandatory to investigate if an involuntary refund can be granted or if the alternative given is considered reasonable by the operating carrier and therefore must be accepted. If the airline considers the alternative reasonable, a cancellation is considered a voluntary action and a refund will be processed according to fare rules.

Some airlines do not authorize refunds in case of schedule changes.