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Help & Contact

HR e-Payment Account

How do I apply for an HR e-Payment Account?
Simply register on our website and go to the HR e-Payment section under “My Hahnair” and apply for an HR e-Payment Account free of charge.
How can I charge the HR e-Payment Account?
You can charge your HR e-Payment Account via SWIFT and via our payment page. Just log into 'My Hahnair ' and visit 'HR e-Payment'.
How do I check the balance of my HR e-Payment Account?
The balance and details of each transaction can be checked when you log into your personal DataMine Account on our website. Just log into 'My Hahnair ' and visit 'HR e-Payment'. DataMine is a to...
How long does the authorisation via SWIFT take?
Within the EU, it usually takes one work day (two days for paper-based payment transactions) and four days if your transaction is made in a currency other than EUR. For transactions outside of th...
What is the cost of a transaction?
Costs vary per country. Please contact your local bank for details.
Does Hahnair use the travel agencies´ money to generate business?
No, the money is stored on the travel agency’s bank account hosted by a partner bank. Hahnair does not have any access to these funds.
What is the GDS entry to issue tickets with my HR e-Payment Account?
I am unable to issue tickets with my HR e-Payment Account. Why?
Does your HR e-Payment Account have sufficient funds? No. You need to charge your HR e-Payment Account.See section “Load Money” in the Quick Reference CardYes. Please double check the GDS en...
I cannot load money to my HR e-Payment Account.
Contact your local bank for additional information about international transfers. Alternatively, log-in with your Hahnair credentials and transfer money using your own credit card or any other f...
Do I need a CVV, CVC or a CID to issue tickets?
No, Card Verification Value (CVV), Card Verification Code (CVC) or Card Identification (CID) is not required for issuing tickets with your HR e-Payment Account.
I cannot access DataMine.
On the DataMine website, please click the button “Recover password”. Please note: after 3 failed login attempts your HR e-Payment Account will be blocked. If your HR e-Payment Account is b...
I need manuals for issue, reissue and refund of tickets.
This information should be provided by the relevant GDS your travel agency is using.